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  • We are very thankful to have found Tami's Montessori Nursery School. Our son has been attending full-time since he turned 2 in 2013. He loves hands-on learning and exploring, so we're glad that he goes out to explore in the play area and at local parks. He also loves to have books read to him and the library is one of his favorite sections of the classroom aside from the toys and fish. He also comes home with artwork, new words, and smiles! We greatly appreciate picture texts of him with his friends at daycare and hearing about his progress during pick-up and drop-off. We couldn't be more proud of his development due to Tami's dedication and hard work! We highly recommend Tami's Montessori Nursery School to everyone considering it!   ~Aimee  (Leo’s mom) 2014


  • Tami's preschool has been such a positive experience as our son transitioned into full-time out of home care. We were concerned as to how this transition would go, but he absolutely loves going here which makes it really easy to drop him off and know he's well taken care of and having fun while we're at work. As a Montessori-trained teacher, Tami really knows what the kids need at each stage of development and has a way with kids, making sure they're each comfortable and having fun. She's also extremely organized and keeps each day well-planned within a routine. We've highly recommended her to our friends and family, she's the best!   ~Alexis & Josh (Levi’s parents) 2014


  • Tami has been outstanding! I was a stay at home mom for the first year and half so I was nervous about both how my son would do and if it was the right thing. Seeing him willing go to Tami every morning made me feel so much better about going back to work. I know that he is loved and taken care of throughout the day and he has made friends as well. Now that he's getting bigger he 'tells' me about what he does all day. I couldn't be happier with Tami and my only fear now is when my son outgrows her care!  ~Adrienne (Charlie’s mom) 2014


  • Leaving your child in someone else's care is never an easy thing to do, however finding Tami has been amazing! She is warm, kind, caring, grounded and calm. Our 2 year old daughter very clearly adores and trusts Tami and she has made wonderful little friendships with her daycare friends. As a parent, this is so important to see! The children are always busy playing, discovering and enjoying each other's company whenever we drop-off and pick-up and the energy is always calm and fun. Our daughter has learned so much from being around Tami and the other children. Her socialization, communication and vocabulary have only increased and benefited from being in their company and we are so grateful to have a person and place that we love and trust so much. We highly recommend Tami and her school!!   ~Jenn & Ben (Aven’s parent’s) 2014


  • Initially I was very uneasy about finding someone else to care for and nurture my child when I returned to work. However, after meeting with Tami and visiting Eucalyptus Montessori, I felt at ease. My son has enjoyed attending these past months and Tami has been absolutely wonderful and has been able to accommodate our ever changing needs. The only regret I have is not discovering her or Eucalyptus Montessori earlier!  ~Amy (Amar's Mom) 2014


  • We are so happy that our son Tennessee has Tami and his friends at school.  Tami is so loving and caring towards the children, we cannot thank her enough.   We appreciate all the care and patience she gives our son as well as the advice she offers us.  We are so impressed with how comfortable and outgoing our son is while at preschool and can tell by the way he smiles how happy he is each day.  Tami keeps us informed about his days which really makes us  feel “included” even though we are working each day.  We couldn’t be happier!  ~Michelle & Ed (Tennessee’s parent’s) 2014


  • We are so thankful to have found Eucalyptus Montessori, which offers a well-structured Montessori curriculum in a light-filled, stimulating, and nurturing home environment. Our 2 year old daughter has attended Eucalyptus Montessori for only the last four months, and her comprehension, verbal, and social skills have grown exponentially. We credit this to Tami's challenging and caring instruction, as well as her mixed age classroom. Iris looks forward to school everyday, and we enjoy hearing her tell us about about such things as trips to Golden Gate Park, collecting leaves, playing with umbrellas, riding tricycles, reading books, Circle Time, jobs, singing songs, her friend's birthdays, the months of the year, the alphabet, numbers, and the weather!  ~Kathy & Paul (Iris's parent's) 2015



  • We couldn't be happier with our experience at Eucalyptus Montessori.  From the moment we toured the school, our daughter felt at home.  Our daughter--now almost 3--has absolutely thrived there and has learned a tremendous amount in the 6 months she's attended.  I am always pleasantly surprised when she shares songs and skills with us at home; I cannot believe how much they learn every week.  Tami provides a strong Montessori foundation as well as ample time outside, reading, singing, and cultivating creativity and curiosity.  Our daughter is excited to go to school every day; as a parent there is no better feeling than having your child attend a school they love.  All the children and families are wonderful.  Eucalyptus Montessori is a true gem of a preschool.  ~Emily & Dean (Kyla's parent's) 2016


  • Eucalyptus montessori has been a great experience for all of us. The transition into her new school went so smooth, that the first day of school, I couldn't get her to leave. As a parent, it has been one of our favorite parts of the day to watch her and her buddies after school playing on the sidewalk and not wanting the day to end. Tami is such a great care provider. In our daughters time there, she has helped her through so many milestones. They have helped her potty train, learn numbers and letters, develop her communication skills and they have done a tremendous job helping her negotiate the tricky terrain of toddler socialization. We see so many leaps and bounds in her development that we are constantly reassured that she is in great and capable hands.  ~Luke & Jo (Veda's parent's) 2016

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