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Mission Statement


At Eucalyptus Montessori we strive to create an environment where learning occurs naturally, thus developing a life-long love of education.  We are committed to creating an environment that prepares children for life.


Montessori At A Glance


Montessori education has achieved worldwide recognition and success.  Montessori is a positive environment for children. In the scientifically prepared environment of a Montessori classroom, the child develops the prime elements of character: freedom, concentration, independence, self-discipline, and sense of reality in an atmosphere of co-operation. Each child is taught individually. The child's natural development of language is utilized in the process of learning to read. Children work at their own pace and at their own level. Children have the unique opportunity to fulfill their potential. Habits and skills developed in a Montessori classroom remain for a lifetime. The true value of Montessori education lies in the self-discipline, self-mastery and love of learning that children achieve.

Our Philosophy

At Eucalyptus Montessori we follow the Montessori method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. In 1907, Montessori founded the first Casa dei Bambini, or “Children’s House”, in Rome.  Based upon Montessori’s scientific observations of the children’s almost effortless ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings, as well as their tireless interest in manipulating materials the Montessori method of education was developed. Montessori viewed the two to six year span as the period of the “absorbent mind”, and considered it a critical period of education.  At Eucalyptus Montessori we’ve worked to create the perfect balance of both work and play

Our History

After several years of teaching at a larger Montessori Child Development Center Tami sought to develop a smaller home based school where she could combine her passion for the Montessori philosophy as well as her love for the outdoors. Eucalyptus Montessori was developed in 2004 in Davis, California. The home based Montessori school served fourteen children ages 18 months to 6 years old. Now in San Francisco, Ca., Eucalyptus Montessori continues to pride itself on the small intimate home environment where teachers, students, and families build relationships that last a lifetime. Ashley, Tami's eldest daughter, was a Montessori child herself and has worked for Eucalyptus for 8 Years throughout her educational career. Ashley has now transitioned from being a Teacher to Teacher/Director of Eucalyptus Montessori. Similar to Maria Montessori’s first Casa dei Bambina (children’s house) in Italy in 1907, Eucalyptus Montessori offers a “children’s house” in the beautiful sunset district of San Francisco, California.

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